May 19, 2017

Case By Case

case by caseOur Case By Case Services are just what the doctor ordered!

Not sure if you want a onsite, full-time tech backing you up? Then Case By Case is your second best option.
Case By Case means that you can call us with an issue, and we fix it. Period. Case closed with 5 star services on that issue.

For this service we generally require a 50% down upfront fee based on the quote, and when we’ve solved your problem, the remainder is due.

You can continue to use this service in this fashion, but it would be wiser to go with our Retainer Service, as this benefits you and your company with all the skills, care, and attention we have to offer, plus, it is cheaper in the long run.

Everyone always deals with problems after they become problems.
On Retainer, you can be assured we will protect you before they become your problems.