May 19, 2017


co-op servicesAt Matariyeh Technologies, We work with a number of retailers and manufacturers in a concerted effort that services both you, your business, and Matariyeh Technologies.

A Co-Op is a mutual partnership arrangement, where services can be rendered on both sides if both services are deemed useful to both parties.

Basically, if you’re a start-up business with little capital to start, and you need IT support, we can trade IT services in exchange for what your business can possibly offer Matariyeh Technologies.

We do work for you, you do work for us in some way that is commensurate to our services. If you run a coffee shop, and you need IT, Matariyeh Technologies can set you up, in exchange for some free Coffee for a while.

With this mutually confidential secured business plan, any sort of payment arrangement can be met. We are confident that this service can help you, with any sort of budget.

Note: Business Co-Op is based upon Matariyeh Technologies view and per case basis. Matariyeh Technologies reserves the right of Co-Op decision per case by case.