May 17, 2017

Firewall & Intrusion Detection (IDS)

Firewall IDSDid you know that statistics show Only 17% of companies whose computers were hacked, reported them to law enforcement due to fear of negative publicity? How about just the plain old unknown?

You know what they say, sometimes what you DON’T know CAN hurt you.
Don’t be left unawares when it comes to your networks and computers.
This service offers you the best defense to prepare for the identity theft offense!

Protect Against Hacker Attacks and Threats. After the thorough [Network Security Assessment], We partner with you to set strategic goals and budget to tighten down the found exploits, with most powerful firewalls and accurate solutions.

At the same time, we will create a program to establish periodical Re-assessment to ensure Network Vulnerability is kept at its minimum.

We strive to be of service to you and your business, and the way we do that, is to help you protect your networks.

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