May 19, 2017


Client Testimonials

Matariyeh Technologies is proud to share the following client success stories to further illustrate the value you can expect when you put the power of Matariyeh Technologies to work for you. We want to thank these clients for sharing the following testimonials.

“Matariyeh Technologies brought a level or professionalism to our IT infrastructure that it previously didn’t have. Before Matariyeh Technologies, we were working with a consultant that was a one man show and lacked experience, training and support that Matariyeh Technologies brings to the table. With Matariyeh Technologies we have a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants that know us personally and how our business runs. They respond very quickly by phone or email and always put us through quickly to a technician whenever we call.”

Richard, Mission Valley

“After researching reliable, affordable, IT solutions in Southern California, I came across Matariyeh Technologies. These guys have not only made our workplace more efficient but they are surprisingly fast and cost-effective. It’s like having an IT person staffed without the cost! I’ve recommended Matariyeh Technologies to other organizations and even called them after hours a few times. Thanks you Matariyeh Technologies, you have a customer for life…”

Amy, Anaheim

After a bad power outage, I called on Matariyeh Technologies to help us restore a total system shut-down. Servers were down, equipment was damaged and we even needed a few PC’s replaced. Not only did Matariyeh Technologies answer our call after hours but they were very prompt to respond and a delight to work with. These guys got my team back up in no-time! Great work Guys and thanks again.”

Rachel, Victorville

“My daughter unknowingly downloaded Spyware and a Virus off of the Internet. All she wanted was a few songs and some pictures. These things slowed my computer down until it almost stopped. Thank goodness for technicians at Matariyeh Technologies. They responded quickly and were flexible to work at my home or their office. My computer now runs like it did when I first bought it 2 years ago, in fact it runs faster. I would have paid 50% more if I had to take it back to Best Buy (again because they didn’t fix the problem the first time), wait 2 weeks before it was done, and worry about what employee had all of my personal information that I have on my hard drive. I like that Matariyeh Technologies is a locally owned business with such a good reputation. I trust them fully. I will only use Matariyeh Technologies for my Computer repair and maintenance from now on”.

Michael, Riverside